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FREE UPGRADES from Jay Klein Productions!

Jay Klein Productions provides a unique advantage over other software vendors in that we offer free upgrades to all registered users for life! That's right, buy the software once and never again worry about upgrade costs associated with many other software vendors. At Jay Klein Productions, Customer satisfaction is not just a buzzword, it is our only way of doing business!

Get the latest Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 version here

Get the latest Palm OS versions (required for MTG 10.0e and 2.0e and later versions!) here

Get the latest Macintosh versions (Classic and OS X, 10.0-10.6 and 10.7-10.8) here

And for our dedicated DOS and Windows 3.x version users, please Contact Jay Klein Productions.
(Jay Klein Productions address and phone number are provided on the "Contacting Jay Klein Productions" page.)

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