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J. Klein Productions Inc. was founded in Colorado Springs by English teacher Jay Klein. In the mid 80’s, Jay saw a need for an electronic grade book system that would operate on the Apple II computers the school was using. Grade Busters came to be right after the movie, Ghostbusters, so the connection becomes obvious. It has been a good name in the multitude of grade book names. Grade Busters, on the Apple platform, has outlived hundreds of similar programs, and is still selling today, 12 years later. J. Klein Productions Inc. is one of the top sellers of electronic grade books. One of their biggest selling points is their commitment to free, unlimited, lifetime product upgrades. There are currently over 500 site licenses, including the Denver, Tucson, Houston, and Nashville public school systems.

J. Klein Productions, Inc. is currently producing four main product lines:

Grade Busters - The original pioneer Teacher’s grade book product based on the early Apple II family of computers.

Record Breaker - The Apple product migrated to the DOS based IBM platform with major enhancements.

Making the Grade, MAC - The enhanced IBM Teacher’s grade book product migrated to the Macintosh platform with even further enhancements.

Making the Grade, Windows - The Macintosh product migrated to the Windows 3x/Windows 9x/Windows NT/Windows XP platforms.

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