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Question:  How do I contact Jay Klein Productions?
Check out our "Contacting" area of our home page for the the latest contact information.

Question:  There is a lot of text here! How can I find out about my problem fast?
You can search through this document by using the search function (Ctrl+F). By using it, you can enter a key word to search for and locate in this document.

Question:  What has changed on the most recent version on the web?
Important Notice. Due to Apple's discontinuation of the Rosetta code structure, "Making the Grade x" does not currently work with the OS X 10.7 ("Lion") operating system. Further information will be posted here as soon as it is received. [Version 10.1d] Fixed the MTG Seating Chart to gray out unused squares (seats) in the 10 X 10 layout. Unified calculations and score rounding in the "X-Factor" function of the MTG gradebook. Initial entries AND later score modifications now calculate and display the same. [Version 10.0u] Fixed the MTG/Starbase export function to correctly report 4-Point Grading Scale calculations. [Version 10.0t] Modified the School Loop import/update routine to accept the new SL data structure (from late 2009). [Version 10.0s] Fixed a problem with the MTG report generator in which students with no student numbers were not being placed properly within class summaries. [Version 10.0r] Added new code to the School Loop interface to enhance stability and reliability of roster information exchange. [Version 10.0q] Repaired a memory overwrite problem in the School Loop interface involving Category Titles longer than 20 characters. [Version 10.0p] Added the ability to DELETE students from class rosters who have been officially DROPPED by School Loop. Modified MTG import routines (for gbx files) to work with School Loop’s new Java 1.6 protocols. [Version 10.0n] Corrected the School Loop import/update routine to keep student pictures associated with the correct students. [Version 10.0k-m] Corrected the seating chart setup to show the correct number of pages to be printed. Reduced the font size of student names in the 10X10 seating chart grid. [Version 10.0i-j] Fixed a problem with dropped students not being “delete-able” in free-standing classes (rosters NOT created by School Loop, Edline, or SchoolCenter). [Version 10.0g-h] Improved the stability of the MTG Windows–MTG Palm connection with enhancements to the MTG Palm Conduit. Fixed a problem with the MTG SchoolCenter export function. [Version 10.0f] Fixed an error in which the original MTG + Edline authorization key was not being read correctly. [Version 10.0e] Finalized and fully integrated the new School Loop interface. Expanded the MTG student database to 240 students and 960 assignments per class. [Version 9.7a-9.8b6] MAJOR UPGRADE.Added initial School Loop interface - sending reports and gradebooks, retrieving gradebooks and rosters. [Version 9.6w-y] Enhanced the precision with which grades are calculated and reported throughout the program. Corrected the Excel export to display all MTG "special" scores. Improved all network backup and file-saving routines. Corrected special-case calculations in the Weighted Grade Report. Expanded Campus-America marking period range checks to allow the first period to contain only one assignment. Developed additional safeguards to prevent importing the same student multiple times. Added MMS logic to the Report Card Summary and individual Student Report Card. Locked out changes to Internal Report Card Titles, resetting them automatically if erroneously changed. [Version 9.6w] Corrected the export of grouped HTML documents within the ePublisher module; the PIN field now ignored if the user so chooses. [Version 9.6v] Modified Modified the MTG birthday card to show the student’s birth date (instead of the date of printing). Improved the printing code in several student reports to handle selected options more efficiently.

Question:  Windows--My version has turned into a demo! What can I do? OR I need additional installs, how can I get them ASAP?
Send us your name, name to print out on reports, and school name. We suggest all upper case letters, but we will use whatever you send us. Be sure to mention the serial number hand written on the back of the original diskette or CD. Email us at support@gradebusters.com. We will retunn email you a key that has your tailored information. This system allows unlimited installations and back up of the program as well as data. It is very robust and not subject to destruction. This is a must for networks and NT/XP units.

Question:  Can the folder size check be bypassed when installing MtG?
Yes. When running the installation SETUP file, add a command line argument "NoSizeCheck". This can easily be done by entering "SETUP NoSizeCheck" on the command line of a DOS window while in the folder containing the SETUP progam. The command line argument is NOT case sensitive.

Question:  One of my class files will not open and gives error messages. What can be done?
If you are using Windows, We suggest using ScanDisk to fix the class file. It is located in the program files under Accessories and System Tools. If that doesn't work we suggest Norton's disk fix. If still no luck, you must rebuild using your latest back-up.

Question:  How can I use the web site feature?
If you're asking the more basic question of how do you make your gradebook data available for publishing on the world wide web, here are the basic steps, but first some preliminaries. (1) You must be using version 8.0 or later of Making the Grade, (2) You need to know how to setup your own home page (at least the basics), (3) You need to know how to move the files we create on your computer to your web site, and (4) Please make sure your viewers are using a recent web browser such as Netscape 4.5 or Internet Explorer 4.5 or later. If you need help with the preliminaries, please contact your technical support people. Creating web pages from Making the Grade involves the following steps, (1) Create PINs (personal identification numbers) for all of the students in the courses you wish to publish on the net, (2) Create the web pages, (3) Move the web pages to your web site, and (4) Let everyone know the net address of your grading home page. You need to create PINs for all of your students by using the Special menu option - GENERATE student PINs ... You then need to let each student know what his or her student number and PIN number are for accessing their web based reports. We recommend that you DON'T use roster position numbers as your student numbering system. We have some difficulties within the program when you use that student numbering system. If you wish to simply number your students 1 through N, then change the student numbering system to "Your Own Numbers" and sequentially number your students. By doing this, you keep students from having different roster numbers if you decide to resort your students during the year! You create the web pages by selecting 'Export student data' from the File menu and choosing "The WEB ePUBLISHER - GROUPED homepage documents." You then will select options of what information to include in the student reports. You can create the web pages for all of your classes in one run by simply including you other classes when the program asks you for additional files. Please save the classes.htm file to a new, empty folder or directory. The program will build .htm files for all of your students in all of the classes you selected. It also creates a pincheck.jar file which must be kept with these .htm files for your grading web site to work correctly. You now need to copy ALL of the files just created to your web site. Please create a folder or directory on your web site to store the files created by Making the Grade. You now need to modify your home page to refer to the classes.htm file in the subdirectory so students can proceed to see their grades. Please don't ask us how to do this for you! There are too many different methods to creating home pages for us to be able to help you edit your page. You alternately could provide the address of the classes.htm file directly to your students and parents and there they will see a list of courses and places to enter the student IDs and pin numbers to see their progress reports using their web browser. There is a sample at http at //home.att.net/~pjahelka/classes.htm. When you update your web page, please be sure to first delete the original files from your web site, then transfer the new set of files Making the Grade created to your web site. To keep the job easy of updating your grades, we suggest you keep all of your Making the Grade web files in a separate directory on your web site so that you won't inadvertently delete other files which you may be using for your web site. The intro message is limited to 255 characters. Problems? Older browsers or those without Java enabled won't display the page correctly. The other possibility is the browser may need to have its security settings set to medium to allow Java applets to run.

Question:  My printer does not print the pages I request! How can I fix this?
A computer with very limited memory (8, 16 or 32 meg.) will not always print the correct files as requested. The simple fix for that is to close the program and print after reopening it. Usually more memory (not disk space) will solve the problem for good. Also, Win 98 seems far better than 95.

Question:  How do I get rid of the dots in front of all my printing?
Dots in front of data seem to occur just after printing certain e-mail messages. We don't know how to clear the printer of the previous setting, but just turning the printer off will fix the problem. In severe cases you may need to reboot to clear the printer card as well. "Printing can be a destructive process." Be sure to save your data before printing.

Question:  Where do I put the Windows key file?
You must place the key file, "Mtg_reg.mrf" into the same folder (usually MTG) with the program, "Mtg.exe". Don't try to open this file, the program does that autonomously.

Question:  I have a new key file, but the school name is still wrong! How can I correct the school name?
If you are replacing an old key copy (like the original that had NOT-YET-REGISTERED COPY OF MTG for the school name), you will need to replace the old key file and then delete the two files that have PREFS in their title (mtgprefs.ini and mtgprefs.res) located in the folder with the rest of the program (not the System folder). Run the program from scratch and enter the correct data. Go to Edit, Setup Info, Teacher Info to make those changes.

Question:  I can't get attachments. What can I do?
If you don't get an attachment, it is likely that your server does not allow binary attachments. If your server changes the name of the key, try changing it back. If you can't see the ".mrf" extension change the VIEW so that you can see "file" extensions. Consider having us re-send to a friend's email address, one that can give you a copy of the key on a CD or memory stick. If you have time to wait, We can send diskettes. Be sure to send the tailoring information (name to print on reports and school name) with the address. The S&H fee is $10.

Question:  I back up my data every day, but what if the program is lost or the computer is damaged?
If you keep the Key file backed up on a floppy disk you are just a download away from a working copy when your hard drive crashes. With daily data back up you are only inconvenienced, not devastated by a crash. (My school computer hard drive was replaced twice and had to be ghosted once in 4 semesters!) Plan for a lightning meltdown or theft of your computer. Get that key file on a floppy and in a safe place!

Question:  I am having network problems. Who can I talk to?
Please, before you install on a network, request the two installation files from support@gradebusters.com. They are a must for understanding the Windows network conditions, and will walk you through the setup on a "step-by-step" basis.

Question:  How can several teachers use the same computer?
With the key file install you can either install into separate folders, or you can pretend the computer is a network and do a network install. However, before you install the "network setup," request the two installation files from support@gradebusters.com. If you have the old limited 2 install disks, get them updated to the key system.

Question:  How does the new Palm installation work?
We incorporated the Palm Pilot series into the Making the Grade system and have posted the Palm program additions on the website for download. Also, you will need to upgrade to the version 9 series, or later, on the web site. The Palm program will not be able to send the data back to the MtG program on the computer until a key is sent by Jay or Angie (Gradebust1@aol.com). The keys for the computer and the Palm must be an exact match, so once you have paid for the Palm unit you will need to e-mail the computer key file (mtg_reg.mrf on Win units).

Question:  I have a lot of data in the program that I can't print. How do I do that?
To print out the various information in your students database, you would go to File->Export Student Data. From there you select the particular items and headers you wish to include under Custom Export. Save that file and then use any word processor to read the file. You will probably need to reset the files that the word processor will look at to All Files. Format the data to your taste and print.

Question:  Exactly how do I e-mail parents?
E-mailing parents is fairly simple. In Making the Grade you first need to make an "html" file of the grades so that the parents can read or print the report on their home system. Go to the Windows pull down menu and select The WEB ePUBLISHER and then Individual e-mail documents. Select the particular reports you wish to send to the parent(s) and continue. You will then save the file(s) in your Making the Grade folder. Exit or minimize the program and e-mail the parent. Attach the file with the student's name to the e-mail and they will be able to download it on their end and read or print it.

Question:  All my text windows in the program seem small and chopped off. How can I fix this?
In Display, Settings - adjust the resolution to 600 X 800 for larger text. Setting the font size to large will cause a lot of words to be excluded. Be sure to use Small Fonts.

Question:  I can't enter my own class! How can I get past the password?
First you must realize that if you contact us by e-mail you could be a student that has obtained class files and wishes to alter grades. We will take all necessary precautions to not help a student defeat a teacher's password. Having a password problem in a class can be a sign that someone has used a different Making the Grade program to open your file and has then changed your data. If this is possible, then I suggest you compare the class with your backup file very carefully to see which student's grades have been altered. The backdoor password has changed in version 8.4j. It is now very restricted and difficult to obtain due to some nasty security problems. You will need to contact our office for help in defeating this password protection. PHONE THE OFFICE to obtain help in unlocking the class file. You must telephone our office for help in defeating this password protection. You will need to tell the office staff what version of the program is in use. Be prepared to tell us your school name, principal's name and phone number as well as purchase information. Additional questions will be asked to ascertain whether or not you actually are a teacher. Phone (719) 599-8786 Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM MST.

Question:  How can I make my seating charts print correctly?
The printer drivers are most likely the cause of the problem. In general the problem is that when a new printer is created it comes with rather poor software--the PRINTER DRIVERS. After about 9 months the printer companies seem to be able to get all the bug fixes into their latest version. But by then they are selling new printers! So the cycle continues... Anyway, just download new drivers for your correct printer from the web, or just load a mature driver (older version in the same series) from your Win CD. Either should work fine. You may wish to delete the old drivers and let Win 95/8/Me/2000 find the new ones. I have had certain applications that my HP4M drivers wouldn't handle. I added the old drivers for the IIIP and they worked just fine... These problems often look like a programming problem with Making the Grade, and can be very strange. This fall I had a class that I couldn't print unless I deleted one student. I spent hours working with the programmer to try to get this fixed, but he could never see the problem. It also would not show up on my printer at home. So, one change of the printer driver and the problem is history! The most demanding printing we have is in the seating chart, and an older or a newer printer driver always fixes it (or even a refreshed one often does the job). If you contact the printer manufacturer, they will probably ask you if other applications work properly. They normally do, but they do not attempt the complexity of our printouts. That is much like asking if your car still goes forward properly when the problem is it won't go into reverse. If you get a technician who is truly interested in solving the problem, have him or her download the program and print using the sample class provided (www.gradebusters.com). Give them specific instructions on which printout is failing and how to get to that printout. Printer Drivers are located in the My Computer, Printers area. You can add a printer that you do not have. Try to find one in the same series, but a lower number. Then use that printer to test the particular problem area. If it works, you can make that old printer the default printer and forget about it. Only if there is some other advanced feature on your printer will you notice the difference.

Question:  Exactly how do you make a back up of the data in Win 95/8?
Many users prefer using Explorer to do the following, but here is how I like to make back up data disks. 1. Go to My Computer.2. Make shortcuts to the A and C drives.(using the right mouse button) 3. Close My Computer. 4. Open the C drive (double click left). 5. Open the Mtg folder. 6. Click left to highlight the first class. 7. Hold the shift key down. 8. Click left on the last class. 9. Move the window as needed, but drag the classes to the A drive icon and they will be copied there.

Question:  Which disks still need to be sent back for updating?
Macintosh and Windows updates can be downloaded from our web site with no shipping and handling charge, but if you wish to mail in your diskette(s) you may do so. Record Breaker is no longer suitable for use in the daily record area. Sorry, this is part of a DOS library that is no longer supported. Our programmers just can't fix it. The only way to get it corrected is to change to the Windows version that is supported by the programming industry. (Half price at $55.00 inclusive.) WINDOWS USERS. Those of you with five or 10 packs can still update by e-mail. You can make one installation set of disks from the multi area or a CD from the single download. Then send us the names, professional names to print out on reports, and the school name. For each name include a serial number from the original disks. I will send back the keys on separate e-mails. You can then change the name of the key file to the name of the teacher. Keep all the key files on one floppy and they will be easy to access. When you need an install, you use the three disks or CD to put the demo on a unit. Then you copy the correct key to the folder you installed to. Change the key back to the Mtg_reg.mrf and it will be a tailored unit. If there are changes from year to year you would let us know and we will send you a new key file with the corrected information. The site license only has the school name, so no need to send it in! If you have a tailored version (usually the version number with a "T" handwritten after it) you do not need another key. Just move the key file (Mtg_reg.mrf) to any new demo installation (into the MTG folder) from the web and it will then be the tailored version. Please send in the diskette(s) with $10 Shipping & Handling (returned on a CD) to get it (them) replaced and updated. I wouldn't bother with a Money Order, cash or a personal check is fine. We have never had trouble with cash being sent through the mail. Purchase orders are accepted. If you can't locate your original installation disk(s) please attach a printout showing your name and the school's name.

Send to-
Jay Klein Productions
118 N. Tejon St., Suite 304
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Or call (for VISA/MC orders and information).

Phone-(719) 599-8786
Fax---(719) 380-9997
Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM MST.

Updates at www.gradebusters.com.

To expedite service, mark the type of computer on the outside of the envelope. Not including the Service and Handling fee ($10) will slow down the process considerably! Return address labels assure that we get the address correct.

Use two 4-inch square corrugated cardboards to protect the disk(s), if you don't use a regular cardboard diskette mailer. Please use rubber bands, not tape!

There has been some confusion about how many teachers can use one serial number. The number is one! The reason there were more that one install on a disk set is that teachers often had more than one computer, not so that multiple teachers could each get one install. The exceptions would be spouses and teaching teams, such as Higgins/Hall are accommodated.

You now must have your disk tailored. Be sure to send your name, PROFESSIONAL NAME (to print on reports), and school name. (I suggest all upper case letters--they seem to look nicer in print.) This allows unlimited installs, is copyable, can be backed up by any system, and is relatively bombproof. You can obtain this key by e-mailing as well as sending in the disks.

Windows and Macintosh updates are at www.gradebusters.com. All Windows and Macintosh programs can be updated from the web site. A key file is now required for all programs.

Our programs normally ship on a CD. You may also place the program on a CD from the web site for multiple installations if you wish.

The locked version is at an end now, if you wish the newer features you must change to the tailored version. This tailoring does allow unlimited installations on multiple computers. You can make copies of the program and download improvements. Once you have the key file you can e-mail it to any unit, and download the program. You should never need to send in the disks again. If you request the CD version you will get just what you would get off the web site on the CD plus the key file. Anyone who has version 8.5 or higher can update from the web "demo." Everybody else needs to mail it in once more." If you have the file, "MtG Key file" you are all set.

Question:  How do I get rid of last term's classes?
To get rid of last years data you would use your Windows or Mac operating system. Just open the MTG folder and use the mouse to drag the class files to the trash or recycle bin. I suggest you keep an old class on your computer along with this year's classes. Then just import the assignment from last year, change the date and save yourself time. If you wish to keep the seating chart information you can make a copy of the file, then "Delete All Assignments" (under Edit) one of the copies and start over.

Question:  No one will answer my email!
Sometimes it happens that unanswered e-mails are down to either a server or a mailbox refusing delivery. I have busters@aol.com as an altenate route, but this will not always work. If you have spam filters or do not know what they are or what they exclude, and you seem to be ignored, remove them. I answer all the e-mails I get, (or send them on to one of our programmers) so if you do not get an answer when you have a right to expect one, there may be some sort of block in operation.

Question:  What is the price of the program?
Making the Grade for both Windows and Macintosh are $99.95 plus shipping and handling (usually $6). Discounts for multiple copies, site licenses, and owners of our other products. Please email for details if you have one of those special situations.

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